We've got many reviews in this week, check out the latest on, Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II, Luigi's Mansion, and Wave Race: Blue Storm.

Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II

Developer: Lucasarts
Genre: Action
Players: Four

Lucasarts hasn't left the GameCube out of the Star Wars fun. Instead they have probably made the competition green with envy. The sequel to the best sell original on the Nintendo 64 is nothing short of AWESOME. Everything from the top-notch graphics, to the wonderful soundtrack is clearly ground breaking. I could help but feel like I was actually fighting with the rest of the rebel fleat as I flew over the Death Star in my X-WING star fighter. Not only is the gameplay awesome but the controls were too. If your looking for extras Lucasarts has you covered as well. Bonus levels and ships are available. If you want a good game, get this one.

GAMECUBE DOMAIN REVIEW- ***** (of 5 possible)

Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion

Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Role Play
Players: One

Ok, I know, you want Mario, but hey while you wait you wont be disappointed. Nintendo has you covered with this one. Luigi's Mansion is great. Armed with only a flash light and a vacuum Luigi makes his way through a haunted house to find his lost brother Mario. As to be expected the graphics are great. No, this isn't going to be some boring kiddie game. It really is worth trying. But, if you must have more action, go get Rogue Leader.

GAMECUBE DOMAIN REVIEW- **** (of 5 possible)

Wave Race: Blue Storm
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Racing
Players: Four

First things first. THE WATER EFFECTS ARE AWESOME!!! As I'm playing this I am constantly amazed at how real this looks. Though the actual game isn't much different. The graphics have really improved. There will be more riders to choose from as well as more courses. And hey, the old favorite, 'Dolphin Park' is back too.

GAMECUBE DOMAIN RATING- **** (of 5 possible)

Wave Race: Blue Storm